12 October 2023

News release: Time for change!

Time for change! 

Starting today, October 11, 2023, Vroom & Van den Heuvel Executive Search, Vroom & Van den Heuvel Interim Management, and subsidiary Levels Talent Search, will continue under a new name: 


Over the past 35 years, we have worked diligently on our mission to create impactful and sustainable matches for our clients and candidates. We will continue to do so, but with even greater focus and based on a new, clear, and recognizable proposition.

Vroom Executive, Vroom Interim, and Vroom Talent.

The name Vroom. unites our three labels: Vroom Executive, Vroom Interim, and Vroom Talent. Within these mutually collaborating labels, we are devoted to further developing four powerful areas of expertise: People & Change, Finance & Control, Sustainability & Investments, and General & Commercial Management.

The new name pays homage to Vroom & Van den Heuvel, which honors the strong reputation our organization has built over the past three decades.

Furthermore, the name Vroom. better reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and renewal. It accentuates the freshness, strength, and energy that characterize our organization. The choice to make the name Vroom. the linking pin across all three labels also emphasizes the importance of synergy and unity. Our shared office space at the Zeestraat in The Hague is a wonderful place to demonstrate, feel, and further cultivate that spirit.

Dedicated to your ambition

In addition to a new name, the repositioning has also led to a new brand promise: "Dedicated to your ambition". A promise in which we believe and that drives us as a team - fulfilling the ambitions of our clients and candidates. We follow these unique professionals through the various stages of their careers, growing further together. 

Curious to know the faces behind us and what drives us further? 

Read everything on our new website: 

Vroom. Dedicated to your ambition.